We offer aerial photography of sites, though not restricted to only that of wetlands.

Aerial photography is an invaluable tool for adding great depth and perspective to any site. Allowing persons to see an entire site from the air grants a much clearer understanding of the layout and surrounding landscape.

VESI Environmental are fully IAA approved Flight Permissions and Aerial Work Permit holders with valid insurance cover for all operations.

Working with clients, we offer mission planning for the material required. We offer both still and video recording for any promotional material or presentation work that you may seek.

Fully Licensed by the Irish Aviation Authority

IAA Approved

Note: All flight missions must follow IAA regulations. These include height restrictions and in areas that are under air traffic control, prior authorisation must be sought from the IAA 2 weeks in advance to commencement of the flight.

Our operator will discuss with you the restrictions that are in place and will go through planning the work to be conducted.

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