Constructed Wetlands are a simple, eco friendly alternative to packaged wasterwater systems, they can be used with a normal septic tank or retrofitted to your existing tank.

Integrated Constructed Wetlands are designed to be a low cost, low maintenance solution for domestic wastewater.

What are the benefits of an Integrated Constructed Wetland for Domestic use?

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Poor Percolation sewage treatment

Building a New House and have had problems finding a suitable sewage system? This could be due to poor soil percolation in your area or wet or boggy ground. This means that a typical septic tank and percolation will not work on your site and your local authority will not approve such a system.

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Low Cost and Low Maintenance

Constructed Wetlands have no moving parts or expensive running costs in the long term.

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Environmentally Friendly

Constructed Wetlands are environmentally friendly and ensure that there is no polution to your water supply or on site well.

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Fantastic for Wildlife

Constructed Wetlands provide increased wildlife habitat and biodiversity within your garden. Wetlands also act a sink for pollution in the environment.

VESI Environmental are a company have over 15 years experience in the constructed wetland design for single houses and have a good relationship with many local authorities

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What solutions are available from Vesi Environmental?

We can offer:

To assess that your site is suitable.

A professional constructed wetland design service that includes all details of the ICW.

Advice and design of associated features that enhance the biodiverity and wildlife potential of your site.

Construction and planting of the ICW and its associated landscape features.

A typical ICW does not require additional landscape features however if our clients so wish we can design and install additional features that enhance the potential to attract wildlife and biodiversity within your site.

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    Landscape features can include

  • Native tree and shrub planting.
  • Wildflower meadow
  • Traditional fencing
  • Bird and Bat Boxes
  • Rain garden and swales
  • Bog gardens
  • ‘Mini Beast’ habitats